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Kerr Family History and Genealogy


by: Joanne N. Crack -



Upper Melbourne, Quebec


BEATRICE EMMA KERR, daughter of David Duncan Kerr and Jane Edna Lay was born 10 Sept 1891, prob. Richmond, Quebec. She married WALTER JAMES WRIGHT at the home of her father and step-mothers, (David Duncan Kerr and Alice Moore Harper), in Kenora, Ontario on the 11 Sept 1912.

Beatrice was a teacher at McDonald College, Montreal. She died at the home of her step-sister, Lila Kathleen Kerr, (Kay Crack), Joydale Jersey's, Frank Road, Kingsbury, Quebec,  about January 1947.

Walter was the son of James A. Wright and Caroline Gertrude Day and brother to Mrs. John McNaughton . He was born in 1889 and died the 1 Sept 1945 at his home on Melbourne Ridge, Quebec.


JAMES A. WRIGHT 1852-1928 AND CAROLINE G. DAY 1865-1937

Parents of Walter James Wright.

James A. Wright was brother to Mrs. Jos. Mastine of Kingsey; Mrs. Wm. Mastine and Mrs. Harriet Wadleigh, of Montreal and Rev. Henry Wright of Willtie, Sask.

Caroline G. Day Wright left to mourn her son and daughter, five grandchildren; three great grandchildren; one sister, Mrs. Maude Healy, and one brother, William F. Day of Cleveland.


ALICE EDNA KERR was born 8 July 1907 in Kenora, Ontario to David Duncan Kerr and Alice Moore Harper. She died in Richmond, Quebec on 14 Aug 1987.

ROBERT GUY FRANK was born 5 Jul 1900 to Robert Willimson Frank and Susan C. Watson. He died 3 July 1978.

Alice Edna Kerr and Robert Guy Frank were married in Toronto, Ontario on 22 June 1931.


LILA KATHLEEN KERR was born 27 Oct 1914, Kenora, Ontario to David Duncan Kerr and Alice Moore Harper. She succumbed to cancer after a lengthy illness on 26 Sept. 1984 at her home, Richmond, Quebec. Kay, as she was known married ROBERT GORDON CRACK, son of Robert Alexander Crack (1884-1968) and Gertrude Lynn (1885-1940) on 5 Jun 1934 at the home of her sister Edna, Kingsbury, Quebec.

Robert Gordon Crack was born 8 July 1914 and died at his home, Richmond,  Quebec on 17 Sept. 1978

**SPECIAL NOTE: This gravesite also includes their daughter, JOYCE ANNE CRACK who was born 28 July 1947, Kingsbury and died 8 Aug 1992 in Richmond, Quebec.

Remembering Gramma and Grampa this month........ Grampa died 22 years ago on the 17th and Gramma died 16 years ago on the 26........... Our memories will never fade.

Photo of Gramma and Grampa


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