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Kerr Family History and Genealogy


by: Joanne N. Crack -



Melbourne, Quebec



JANE EDNA LAY, Wife of David Duncan Kerr. Daughter of Thomas L. Lay and Elizabeth Ewing. Jane was born in February of 1868 and died the 18 of August 1897. Jane and David were married on the 1st of February 1888 at Richmond, Quebec.

ETHEL ELIZABETH KERR, daughter of David Duncan Kerr and Jane Edna Lay was born the 14 Nov 1888. She was christened in Acton Vale, Quebec on the 17 Jan 1889. Ethel Elizabeth died at her home at 9 Coleraine St., Montreal, Quebec on 6 April 1907. Early in the fall of 1906 Ethel contracted spinal meningitis to which she finally succummed. Ethel Elizabeth was buried the 9 Apr. 1907, with the service conducted by Rev. R. Geo. Watt and Rev. A.W. Main of Montreal at the congregational church, Melbourne, Quebec. In the summer of 1906, Miss Kerr received a diploma as teacher and intended to begin teaching the fall of 1907.

ALEXANDER GORDON KERR, son of David Duncan Kerr and Jane Edna Lay was born in 1890. "Gordie", as he was known, died at his home in Janesville (now Richmond North), Quebec also of spinal meningitis on 10 Jul 1904. He was buried 13 Jul 1904, with the service conducted by Rev. R. Geo Watt in the congregational church, Melbourne.



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