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Kerr Family History and Genealogy

by: Joanne N. Crack -

UPDATED Wednesday 30 August, 2001 



A collection of photos taken at 3 cemeteries and "memorial wall" of our family members.


This is a brief and simple outline of my own personal family history in Scotland. My ancestors appeared to be concentrated first in Glasgow and then the East of Scotland, primarily Angus, Fife, the Lothians, Perth and Clackmannanshire. This outline is far from complete and nothing is set  in stone yet,  so I ask that you bear with me as I continue research,  data entry into my personal family tree program and in turn export it to gedcom and once again ged to html. As you can all well appreciate, it is quite the process. I'd like to take this opportunity to give a special thank you to Roberta Kerr, Alistair Kerr, Mom & Dad, Liz, and the countless others who have made this all possible over the last year and a half. A special thank you to Cheryl who always seems to know what to do when I get myself into a bind. Last but certainly not least a big hug and special thanks to my 3 wonderfully understanding children and closest friends (you get it twice Cheryl) who have  put up with my steady and constant dedication to this research.  Jo

In loving memory
Lila Kathleen Kerr


27 Oct. 1914 - 26 Sept. 1984




Please contact me directly for information on Generations 4, 3, 2 and 1 at





JOHN KER (this is a possible connection to Robert - 13th generation)
            father: unknown
            mother: unknown
          born: abt. 1585


Elizabeth HARDIE (Bessie)
               father: unknown
               mother: unknown


1. Robert Ker
           born abt. 1605, Kelso, Scotland


ROBERT KER (this IS our Robert Ker...we are just unsure of his upline)
               father: possibly John Ker
               mother: possibly Elizabeth Hardie
           born: possibly 1605, Kelso, Scotland


               father: unknown
               mother: unknown
           born: unknown


1. Jonet Ker
               christening: 29 Apr 1627, Glasgow, Scotland

2. John Ker (my family line)
               christening: 19 Aug 1630, Glasgow, Scotland
               occupation: Merchant
3. Robert Ker
               christening: 2 Mar 1633, Glasgow, Scotland

4. Agnes Ker
               christening: 13 Jun 1637, Glasgow, Scotland

5. Elizabeth Ker (Bessie)
               christening: 2 Apr 1637, Glasgow, Scotland


               father: Robert Ker
               mother: Sara Chrightoun
           christening: 19 Aug 1630
           occupation: Merchant


               father: unknown
               mother: unknown
           born: 1632
           death: 1712

               marriage: 25 Nov 1652, Glasgow Cathedral, Glasgow, Scotland


1. John Ker
               christening: 7 Aug 1653, Glasgow, Scotland

2. Robert Ker (my family line)
               christening: 26 Nov 1654, Glasgow, Scotland

3. James Ker
                christening: 10 Jan 1656, Glasgow, Scotland
                occupation: Hammerman (= goldsmith) and Member of Parliament

4. Marion Ker
               christening: 13 Sept 1658, Glasgow, Scotland

5. William Ker
               christening 10 Oct 1660, Glasgow, Scotland

6. Margaret Ker
               christening: 17 Dec 1665, Glasgow, Scotland

7. Christian Ker
               christening: 7 Jun 1668, Glasgow, Scotland
8. Jean Ker
               christening 26 May 1670, Glasgow, Scotland

9. William Ker
               christening: 30 Jan 1672, Glasgow, Scotland


               father: John Ker
               mother: Marie Pedie
           christening: 26 Nov 1654, Glasgow, Scotland
           occupation: Burgess of Guild Brother (meaning member of one of the powerful merchant guilds)


               father: unknown - also a Burgess of Guild Brother
               mother unknown
           birth: 1657
           death: 1717

                marriage: 29 Jun 1677, Glasgow, Scotland


1. Matheu Ker
               christening: 21 Mar 1678, Glasgow, Scotland

2. Ninian Kerr (my family line)
               born: 1680, Glasgow, Scotland

3. John Ker
               christening: 23 Apr 1681, Glasgow, Scotland

4. Robert Ker
               christening 9 Jun 1687, Glasgow, Scotland

5. Adam Ker
               christening: 16 Apr. 1689, Glasgow, Scotland

6. Robert Ker
               christening: 8 Jan 1690, Glasgow, Scotland

7. John Ker
               christening: 25 Jun 1693


             father: Robert Ker
             mother: Isobel Aitken
           born: 1680, Glasgow, Scotland

            spouse: 1st marriage

           born: abt.  1684, Westlodge, Liberton, Edinburgh, Scotland

            marriage: abt. 1695, Lasswade, Midlothian, Scotland



1. Alexander Kerr 

                b. 1698, Niddry, Liberton, Midlothian, Scotland

2. Marjrit Kerr 

                b. 1701, Niddry, Liberton, Midlothian, Scotland

3. Marion Kerr 

                b. 1702 d. 1705, Niddry, Liberton, Midlothian, Scotland

                d. 1705

4. William Kerr 

                b. 1705 (yes, this is the info I have for now), Westlodge, Liberton, Midlothian, Scotland

            spouse: 2nd marriage

Isabel JACKSON (Jacque)
             father: Robert Jackson
             mother: Margaret ELDER
           born: 1677
           christened: 2 Dec 1677, Newton, Midlothian, Scotland

            marriage: 25 Oct 1705, Watson, Liberton, Midlothian, Scotland


1. David Kerr (my family line)
           born: 25 Sept. 1706, Westedge, Liberton, Midlothian, Scotland
           christened: 29 Sept 1706, Liberton, Midlothian, Scotland

2. George Kerr
           born: 1 Jun 1708, Westlodge, Liberton, Edinburgh, Scotland
           christened: 3 Jun 1708, Westlodge, Liberton, Edinburgh, Scotland

3.  Thomas Kerr
           born: 1 Dec 1714, Carrington, Modlothian, Scotland
           christened: 5 Dec 1714, Liberton, Midlothian, Scotland

4.  John Kerr
           born: 11 Jul 1718, Westlodge, Liberton, Edinburgh, Scotland
           christened: 12 Jul 1718, Liberton, Midlothian, Scotland


             father: Ninian Kerr
             mother: Isabel Jackson
           born: 25 Sept 1706, Westedge, Liberton, Midlothian, Scotland
           christened: 29 Sept 1706, Liberton, Midlothian, Scotland


              father: David Mason
              mother: ?
           born: 1708, Gilmerton, Midlothian, Scotland

            married: 6 July 1733, Liberton, Midlothian, Scotland


1.  Mary Kerr
           born: 22 Jul 1734, Gilmerton, Midlothian, Scotland

2.  John Kerr
           born: 24 April 1736, Gilmerton, Midlothian, Scotland

3.  Mary Kerr
           born: 5 May 1738, Liberton, Midlothian, Scotland

4.  George Kerr
           born: 12 Jul 1739, Gilmerton, Midlothian, Scotland

5.  Barbara Kerr
           born: 5 Mar 1741, Gilmerton, Midlothian, Scotland

6.  David Kerr
           born: 15 Jun 1742, Liberton, Midlothian, Scotland
Note: I have some details down this line

7.  Thomas Kerr (my family line)
           born: 4 Jun 1744, Gilmerton, Midlothian, Scotland

8.  Helen Kerr
           born: 23 Jun 1746, Gilmerton, Midlothian, Scotland

9.  Jean Kerr
           born: 14 Aug 1747, Gilmerton, Midlothian, Scotland

10. Janet Kerr
             born: 26 Mar 1749, Gilmerton, Midlothian, Scotland
             christened: 14 Jul 1749, Liberton, Edinburgh, Scotland
             died: 12 Apr. 1827, Clayborns, Newton, Midlothian, Scotland
             buried: 13 Apr 1827, Newton, Midlothian, Scotland


10a. Thomas KING
           marriage: 13 Jun 1772,  Duddingston, Midlothian

Note: I have very detailed information down this line of Kerr/Kings that incidentally married back into KERRS again two generations down.

11. Barbara Kerr
           born: 5 Oct 1750, Gilmerton, Midlothian, Scotland

12. William Kerr
           born: 22 Dec 1751, Gilmerton, Midlothian, Scotland

13. Katherine Kerr
           born: 15 Aug 1753, Gilmerton, Midlothian, Scotland

14. John Kerr
           born: 2 Nov 1756, Gilmerton, Midlothian, Scotland


              father: David Kerr
              mother: Helen MASON
           birth: 4 Jun 1744, Gilmerton, Midlothian, Scotland


Christian AITKEN
              father: John Aitken
              mother: Betty BETSON (variants: Bessie and Beatson)
           christening 24 Jan 1750, Beath, Fife, Scotland



1. James Kerr  (my family line)
           christening 25 Jun 1775, Kirkliston, West Lothian, Scotland


              father: Thomas Kerr
              mother: Christian Aitkin
           christened: 25 Jun 1775, Kirkliston, West Lothian, Scotland


              father: Joseph Wallace
              mother: Sarah McKENLY
           christened: 16 Jun 1776, Kirkliston, West Lothian, Scotland

            married: 12 Jan 1795, Dalmeny, West Lothian, Scotland


1. Jean Kerr
           christening: 11 Sep 1796, Dalmeny, West Lothian, Scotland

2. Agnes Kerr
           christening: 21 Oct 1798, Dalmeny, West Lothian, Scotland

3. John Kerr (my family line)
           christening: 26 Oct 1800, Dalmeny, West Lothian, Scotland

4. James Kerr
           christening: 27 Feb 1803, Dalmeny, West Lothian, Scotland

5. Marrion Kerr
           birth: 9 Oct 1805, Dalmeny, West Lothian, Scotland

6. Alexander Ker
           birth: 15 Jan. 1808, Dalmeny, West Lothian, Scotland

1881 Census in Linlithgow puts Alexander age 73, Wife Margaret DALRYMPLE and son Alexander age 58 married to Henrietta age 50 and both born in Linlithgow, Scotland.

7. Sarah Ker
           christening: 20 Oct 1810, Dalmeny, West Lothian, Scotland

8. Robert Ker
           birth: 2 Apr 1813, Dalmeny, West Lothian, Scotland

9. Mary Ker
           birth: 25 Oct 1815, Dalmeny, West Lothian, Scotland


              father: James Kerr
              mother: Janet Wallace
          christened 26 Oct 1800, Dalmeny, West Lothian, Scotland
          occup: Labourer


Magdalene GIB (variations: Mady/Mandy/Marion Gibb)
              father: Richard Gibb
              mother: Marion Inglisbread

         born: 12 Dec 1802, Borrowstounnes, Midlothian, Scotland

          married: 6 Jun 1824, Dalmeny, West Lothian, Scotland

  I also have 6 siblings of Magdalene Gib if anyone is interested.


1. James Kerr
          birth: 13 May 1825, Dalmeny, West Lothian, Scotland

2. Jean-Tenet Kerr
          birth: 14 Nov 1827

3. Magdalane Kerr
          birth: 3 Nov 1829, Cramond, Midlothian, Scotland

4. David Kerr (my family line)
          birth: 3 Nov 1832,

5. Joan Kerr
          birth: 20 Jan 1836, Inverkeithing, Fife, Scotland


             father: John Kerr
             mother: Magdalene Gib
           born: 3 Nov 1832 - Linlithgow, West Lothian, Scotland
           died: 1914,
           buried St. Anne's Cemetery, Richmond, Quebec, Canada

            Res. abt. 1855-65, 52 Drysdale Street Alloa, Clackmannanshire

            Occ. Platelayer (desc.:PLATELAYER - men who laid and maintained the railway tracks  in Britain and the word actually predates railways being derived from the very old "plateways" which existed hundreds of years ago, mainly for moving coal.

            spouse: 1st Unknown. Listed as Widower at time of 2nd marriage 1860

            spouse: 2nd marriage

Catherine DUNCAN
              father: John Duncan d. 12 Apr. 1868, Kirriemuir, Angus .
              mother: Mary Donald
                 parents marriage: 15 Nov. 1821, Forfar, Angus

            born: 3 Jun 1838, Kirriemuir, Angus, Scotland
           died: 1914
           buried St. Anne's Cemetery, Richmond, Quebec, Canada

            occup. At time of marriage: Maidservant

            married: 31 Dec 1860, Dunfermline-Rites, Fife County, Scotland
                           (According to U.P. Church)
                        Witnesses: James Taylor and Joanna Kerr

Note: Catherine’s Siblings:
Agnes b. 16 Feb 1825, Forfar, Angus
Jean chr. 9 Dec 1839, Kirrimuir, Angus
David chr. 12 Sept. 1842, Kirrirmuir, Angus
Margaret b. 30 Jul 1845, Kirrimuir, Angus


1.  John Mitchel Kerr
     born: 17 Dec 1861, Alloa, Clackmannanshire, Scotland
     m. Clara J. Paterson, Quebec, Canada
     m. Lola Garside, Mexico City, Mexico

2.  Mary Kerr
     born: 1 Nov 1863, Logie, Perthshire, Scotland
     never married

3.  David Duncan Kerr (my family line)
     born: 6 Jan 1866, Bearsden, East Dunbartonshire, Scotland
     m. Jane Edna Lay, Richmond, Quebec, Canada
     m. Alice Moore Harper, Quebec, Canada

4.  Katherine
     born: 17 Mar 1868 United States of America (according to 1901 Cleveland Census)
     m. Thomas Ewing Driver

5.  Joseph Robb Kerr
     christened: 17 Feb 1870, Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada
     never married

6.  Isabella Halyburton Kerr
     christened: 7 Apr 1872, Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada
     m. Fritz J. Beck

7.  James L. Kerr
     born: 5 Sept 1874
     never married

8.  Magdelene Kerr
     christened: 25 Oct 1876, Melbourne, Quebec, Canada
     m. William Hislop

9.  Alexander Kerr
     christened 14 Aug 1879, Richmond, Quebec, Canada
     Godparents: Donald Campbell and Christine Smith

10. Charles Dewey Kerr
      born: 26 Dec 1881
      m. Ida Etta Gallup

Additional Information:

David Kerr and Catherine Duncan left Glasgow, Scotland 19 Jun 1867 on the S.S. St. Andrew of the Montreal Ocean Steam Ship Company, captained by Edward Scott. 388 Passengers - 15 cabin, the rest steerage. (The Kerr's traveled steerage). The S.S. St. Andrew made a stop in Londonderry Ireland to board passengers. Arrived  Quebec, Canada after a 32 day voyage at sea on 21 Jul 1867. David declared age 40 - Laborer and Catherine age 36. They also interestingly claimed 5 children (they only had 3 at the time). David 13 listed as an adult, Margaret 9, John 5, Mary 2 and Dav 1 (Grandma's father).
Who are the extra children? Perhaps a niece and nephew? From a previous marriage?

I have a photograph of the S.S. St. Andrew.

When first in Quebec, they settled briefly near/around Compton and then later bought land, built a home and raised 10 children on the Spooner Pond Road, Richmond, Quebec, Canada.

Robert Ker was in all probability one of the numerous descendants of Mr. Mark Ker, MA, the last abbot and first laird of Newbattle Abby. He took advantage of the Reformation to become a Protestant, marry his mistress (Helen, daughter of Lord Rothes) and legitimate his children. The eldest son became the first Earl of Lothian and his descendants are Earls and Marquises of Lothian down to the present day. There are many descendents in the cadet lines, of whom we form part.

Further, this family possibly originated in Britanny, now part of France but an independent State in the Year 1000, when we were first recorded as living there. We came over to Britain in 1066. The village where we lived is St. Brice, near the Norman frontier and not far from the beautiful Mont St. Michel.  The name is still found in Britanny, although it is no longer common. These Kers would be our very remote cousins, unvisited for nearly 1000 years.

For further details on this generation 5 as well as generations 4 (my grandparents), 3 (my parents), 2 (myself), and 1 (my children) please contact me directly at

Note that my Quebec Kerr's were focused mainly in the Compton, Richmond, Melbourne, Kingsbury areas. Other surnames associated in and around this area are: CRACK, BEATTIE, BECK, BIRD, BROCK, DRIVER, EWING, FINDLAY, FRANK, GARDNER, GALLUP, GARSIDE, GLOADE, HARPER, HISLOP, KILEY, LAY, LYVER, McINTOSH, MAJOR, MARTIN, MOORE, MORTIMER, PATERSON, PICKFORD, PURDER, STEW, STIMSON, VICKERS, WAY, WRIGHT

Kenora, Ontario and area: FISHER, SPENCER, WARD

Although we remain a century family in the Eastern Townships of Quebec, our family have spread out all over Canada, and the United States.

Should you have additional information, or should you see a connection or even a possible connection to any of the above families please contact me.

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