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Are you sick of the rat race of commuting, the rising cost of gasoline, parking fees, babysitters, answering to a boss, dealing with fellow employees, and the likes?

Working from home is the wave of the future, and as a society we are beginning to realize that with the advancement of technology we do not need to be in an office environment in order to access the market-place and make money. 

Are you a creative individual with dreams to fulfill? Are you eagar to be your own boss, working your own hours? Would you be interested in securing your financial future? 

The internet and the WWW are the wave of the future giving individuals the freedom to work from the comfort of their own homes, and in turn providing more quality time for your family and friends. 

In today's world, the quickest way to build a home based business is to take advantage of the internet craze. 

As the internet grows by millions of users and billions in revenue, there is little doubt that the WWW is the future. Absolute fortunes will be generated over the next few years. You don't have to stand by and watch it all happen. You can participate....and profit!!! 

You are at the right place at the right time. All you have to do is be "teachable" and have a desire for a better financial future. If you are fed up and want to reclaim your dreams then this is the place for you. Your search for an ideal work environment and vehicle to success is over. 

Take control of your financial destiny and watch your dreams come true. 

Too good to be true? Not at all. You will definitely be working towards your goals.....nothing is free. This is not a gimmick. It is an unbeatable offer to get you off the ground and into your own WWW business and in turn freedom, both financially and personally.


The demand for WEB AUTHORS continue to be on the rise. Only a tiny portion of today's society are tapped into the WWW leaving the future wide open for years to come in the Web Authoring business. You can work directly from your home, with no additional overhead, no special equipment, no special software. The start up cost is very you can start with a small advertisement in your local newspaper (that would cost me $4.23 for a small word ad). You can work on a part-time basis or turn this business into a full time career or even a profitable family business. The options are limitless. In my small rural area, web authors charge for example a minimum of $35.00 per hour and it rises in excess of $75.00 per hour. You are the boss so you set your own prices and fee schedules.


We at Doug Bridge Studios offer you an 18 week, 3 part web page creation, design and publishing course in the comfort of your own home through your email. Work at your own pace. There are no tests to pass, no criteria to follow, no pressure whatsoever. There are 3 levels, each with 12 lessons for a total of 36 lessons to complete the course. Each level will take 6 weeks to complete. Lessons 1 through 36 will be sent to you bi-weekly. You have the option of receiving your lessons on Mondays and Wednesdays or on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I'm sure that there will be a few individuals that will want to forge ahead at a quicker pace. If this is your case we can make arrangements with you individually to send the entire 18 week course to you at once. If you wish to receive a full-color Certificate of Completion, you will be required to create, design and publish a web page (we'll show you how). I will personally review each web page and forward you your certificate.

Note: I started Doug Bridge Studios on a dinosaur!! That's right.....I started with a 486, 66 mhz!!! Currently, I primarily work on a Pentium 450. I myself have no special gadgets and gimmicks or tricks. You CAN do it too.

We will show you how to ride this wave to financial security and future freedom. 


The cost of the 3 part, 18 week course, totaling 36 lessons is $225.00 Canadian dollars (taxes included). We are, for a limited time offering this course at a 1/2 price introductory special of $112.50. Additionally, we make this easier for you, and allow you to make 2 payments in the amount of $56.25 each. The first must be received prior to your Level 1 - first lesson and the second must be received prior to your Level 2 - thirteenth lesson. That gives you approx. 6 weeks to make your entire payment. 

There are many of you skeptical about giving your credit card number over the internet, so, for the time being we will accept payment by certified check, money order or personal check in Canadian funds only. Naturally we will not send you your first lesson until a personal check has cleared. Furthermore, we are very aware that with this method there is also an element of trust. This is primarily the reason that we are allowing two separate payments. You will learn immediately with your first payment that we are trustworthy and on receipt of your second payment, we will learn that you are trustworthy.


To receive your free introduction to web page creation, design and publishing please forward me an email indicating your interest to: Ensure that you have a correct return email address. I cannot be responsible for undeliverable emails for any reasons whatsoever. Please, only those genuinely interested in working from home to secure their financial future, fulfill their dreams and generate the freedom of their choice need respond.

I look forward to hearing from you and dealing with you on a more personal basis.


     Joanne N. Crack

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